Each work of Stratovych Production - is a real artistic shooting. We take a responsible approach to our creativity, working through every detail step by step, always adding something new. For us, each project is individual and unique. Let's create your history together!

Hello, my name is Nikolay! And I’m a videographer. 

I have been shooting various stories for more than 4 years. 

I'm in love with what I do and I approach each video shooting with all responsibility and trepidation.

I love experimenting, creating bold and memorable videos.


My name is Stanislava! And I’m a videographer. We have been working with Nikolai for two years and now loved it with all my heart. At the moment, I am completely self-employed in filming video and will be happy to film your wedding, thus keeping this beautiful day in your memory. You can completely rely on me in matters of framing, the right angle and posing. 


International Association of Videographers WEVSY